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4,2/511 Nov 2022
I highly recommend this hotel. Very kind and accommodating staff. Even if there were power outages in the area, the experience was great. They have nice modern facilities too. And the price is reasonable..
4,4/521 Des 2022
This hotel is nice overall for the cost. You just have to manage your expectations and make sure you ask for a room that doesn't smell. It is a little restricted in terms of parking, but a helpful guard is present and always willing to give it a try. On weekends, it is served buffet-style, but on weekdays, it is decorated. On weekends, it is served buffet-style, but on weekdays, it is presented. They almost took them almost an hour to serve us our plated breakfast, and the food was cold. The bed and sheets are comfortable in the room, and the hotel appears to be in decent shape in general areas that need improvement. There is a very unpleasant strong odor emanating from the, or I am not sure if this is for all, but our room is on the ground floor. We attempted to request a room change, but the hotel was fully booked. Although they did try to assist by spraying the restroom with chemicals and using an air freshener, it did not work. Breakfast was complimentary and included in the room, but it was plain and nothing spectacular, most of it was cold. On weekends, it is served buffet-style, but on weekdays it is plated. Our plated breakfast took them nearly an hour to serve us, and the food was extremely chilly.
4,4/521 Jun 2023
Overall, I believe that this hotel is excellent for the money. You simply must manage your expectations and make sure you request a room without a smelly toilet. Overall, for the price, I believe this hotel is fine. However, on weekends, it is served buffet-style, but on weekdays, it is plated. It took them almost an hour to serve us our plated breakfast, and the food was very cold.
4,6/512 Apr 2022
We arrived early to get our accommodation, and we casually inquired if we could check more early. We were surprised that they accepted our request without charging additional fees. The rooms are clean, and the beds are comparable to a typical motel. For breakfast, I heartily recommend eating the garlic longganisa. Its delectable and includes freshlybrewed coffee. Two spas are close to the hotel. I can't recall their names, but I was aware of one that I had to climb through a dark alley to reach. Also, there is a new city ordinance that prohibits smoking, so all smoking visitors should start stopping now when you visit Barreiro City.
4,8/515 Mei 2022
We stay here because my nephew's birthday is celebrated in their function room. Our loft room is a must-see. We love it. However, their lack of variety options for breakfast was a drawback. But overall, we had a great time.
4,4/526 Okt 2022
We went to Bajo on our last day and then came upon this restaurant, which had been mentioned in our previous account entry. We especially enjoyed the dishes presented by it, which include Japanese, Filipino, and Mongolian varieties. Because it was already a late lunch, only a few seats were occupied. With the whole location to ourselves, we were almost entirely there. Even though it wasn't exactly new, this place is practical, spotless, and reasonably priced. This hotel restaurant is highly recommended.
4,6/56 Jul 2022
The location is in the city, market and in Cambridge Park. They have good service and the concierge very welcoming.
4,6/57 Jul 2023
I always choose this hotel. The hotel staff are very accommodating, courteous and kind. Near Dunham Park and other places to visit in Borito. The hotel is good, but it needs a bit of renovation.
4,8/513 Nov 2022
Price includes free breakfast and basic toiletries, it is close to Dunham Park, and good taste staff are friendly, polite, and polite. The room is clean, however, some areas require maintenance if the paint peels and cracks. Our room has no remote which we were given, it didn't turn on and could not fix the bathroom door, which was difficult to open, and the cabinets were too high to reach.
4,4/527 Jan 2023
After regularly checking in since November for business purposes, this hotel is a great place to stay, especially for quick fixes for back-to-back meetings or long days at work. The rooms are clean and necessary sanitation protocols are maintained, especially as a room division manager who has worked in the industry for almost 12 years. I personally can say that their rooms are maintained immaculate. Wifi is good though requires relogging in every 5 minutes of downtime, yet again, it works nicely when used. Overall, this hotel is worthy of a 34-star rating. Sadly, they hired someone to drag them down.. A rotten apple mixed with excellent ones. Our stay here was terrible when she is on day off or really off duty, but keep in mind that we will remain on this property 5 or more times a month. It was obvious to me that LYN, the front-desk agent, refused all of this request because she was claiming to only have a guard with him, following that, once more, one of his colleagues gave it with all respect. We ordered the food outside because their restaurant is near. We have yet to notice, however, when he is on day off or on day duty, I wonder if she was doing this again, and I'm assuming she just had the guard with him. Then, after mentioning that she was only on duty in our room
4,2/510 Jul 2023
Great location, you can easily explore the barrios, session road, Dunham park, rose garden, people's park, and night market by foot from here. We used the corps voucher, walk slang buffet breakfast kai per order soya despite the fact that the voucher na buffet. The room needs improvement, and the comfort room is filthy. Service needs improvement as well, dead bang staff, kami pa hang bumabati memo macho sa dining area nila, and memo mabagal pay serve no food 30 mins for two breakfast meals.
5,0/56 Nov 2022
Erick Sidarharta Alexander
Good place to stay
3,4/511 Nov 2019
Ernes Tesia Gouw • Trip Solo
Hotelnya unik dan bagus Kemana mn dekat ya Dan dkt dgn statiun bus terminal dan SM itu tempat belnja Hanya saja ada bau ruangan hotel mungkin karena lembab
3,6/525 Jun 2019
FW • Trip Pasangan
Suhu di kamar suite 24°C , panas sekali, jendelanya kecil, ac hanya bisa berfungsi sebagai kipas angin.
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