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Min, 14 Apr 2024 - Sen, 15 Apr 2024 (1 malam)
1 Tamu
Menampilkan 3 Condo di Yannawa
Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang Linchee, Yannawa

Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang Linchee

NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
Menunggu Review
Lokasi Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang LincheeDengan menginap di Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang Linchee di kota Bangkok (Tepi Sungai Bangkok), Anda akan berada 4 menit dengan berkendara dari Taman Lumphini dan 6 menit dari Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. Apartemen ini berada 4,7 mi (7,5 km) dari Pasar Pratunam dan 5,1 mi (8,2 km) dari Siam Paragon Mall.Fasilitas dan Layanan di Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang LincheeNikmati fasilitas rekreasi yang ada seperti kolam renang outdoor dan pusat kebugaran. Fasilitas tambahan di apartemen ini mencakup akses Internet nirkabel gratis dan pemesanan tur/tiket.Kamar di Locals Sathorn Siamese Nang LincheeNikmati kenyamanan rumah Anda sendiri di salah satu dari 52 kamar berpenyejuk udara yang memiliki dapur kecil dan dilengkapi dengan lemari es dan kompor. Tersedia TV layar datar dengan program saluran kabel untuk hiburan, beserta akses internet nirkabel gratis untuk Anda gunakan. Fasilitas mencakup microwave dan mesin pembuat kopi/teh, dan layanan pembenahan kamar disediakan setiap hari.Lihat detail
Siamese Nang Linchee By Favstay, Yannawa

Siamese Nang Linchee By Favstay

NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
2,0/5Bad(1 review)
Lokasi Siamese Nang Linchee By FavstayDengan menginap di Kondominium ini, Anda akan berada di pusat kota Bangkok, berjarak 4 menit dengan berkendara dari Taman Lumphini dan 6 menit dari Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. Kondominium ini berada 4,7 mi (7,6 km) dari Pasar Pratunam dan 5,2 mi (8,3 km) dari Siam Paragon Mall.Fasilitas dan Layanan di Siamese Nang Linchee By FavstayNikmati fasilitas rekreasi yang ada seperti kolam renang outdoor dan pusat kebugaran.Kamar di Siamese Nang Linchee By FavstayBuat diri Anda nyaman di kondo ber-AC ini, memiliki fitur dapur dengan lemari es/freezer ukuran biasa dan microwave.Tersedia 40-inci TV LED dengan program saluran kabel untuk hiburan, juga akses internet nirkabel gratis untuk kebutuhan online Anda. Kenyamanan meliputi meja tulis dan pemanas air untuk kopi/teh, dan pembersihan disediakan atas permintaan.Lihat detail
Rama3 Star View Residence, Yannawa

Rama3 Star View Residence

NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
NHA Star
Menunggu Review
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Review Condo di Yannawa

BagusDari 497 review
5,0/53 Jan 2024
Rika Rika
5,0/517 Des 2023
FC • Trip Keluarga
For rooms and restaurant, very awesome.
5,0/530 Nov 2023
Ngiap Tong Tan • Trip Solo
Good overall stay will recommend to others cheap and value for money
5,0/517 Nov 2023
5,0/528 Jun 2023
As a teaching assistant in Thailand, I stayed in these apartments for six months. The apartment is large and tidy, and the staff is incredibly cordial and helpful. Because of its strategic location, I would recommend staying in Sathorn too. On this street, there are many western restaurants and a bus stop on the top of the building, but taxi transportation is quick and inexpensive.
4,8/517 Sep 2022
I wouldn't hesitate to come back to this hotel. Even though it looks ordinary from the outside, the rooms are surprisingly luxurious. You have almost everything you need. The staff is extremely kind and helpful. They give requests very quickly and are safe and trustworthy.
4,6/527 Mar 2022
On this floor is a place that I highly recommend. The rooms at their Best are on this floor. We checked in with a very low expectation. Until our flight home, just need a place to stay. Please note that the reception closes at 11:59 a.m., but if you want to check in later, email them to arrange your arrival before the flight. The next time we visit Bangkok, we will stay there again.
4,4/54 Jun 2022
I discovered this small guesthouserestaurantbar after doing some research. The ambiance and hospitality here are excellent, which is what distinguishes this place from others. You know, some people write reviews because they are jealous because they are not invited. I had a wonderful day there. The rps are quiet and wonderful, with very varied decor. It also has a bar. I noticed a comment by someone who complained that the bar made him unable to sleep. The food is outstanding and reasonably priced. I don't mind because they are on vacation or working as I did. I'm a light sleeper and I didn't hear anything. I appreciate you all, Madeira.
4,8/530 Jan 2023
The room design is good with a decent size, there is a lot of stains on the blanket as well. The service is so disappointing.
4,2/523 Apr 2023
Around 8 am, we arrived in Maharashtra and had no reservations and were looking for a room for four nights. This hotel is conveniently located next to other hotels on the same street. The room was nice, very lovely, and has a beautiful bathroom. Also wonderful were the staff who were extremely friendly, thorough, and always polite. Meeting them was a great pleasure. The restaurant and bar were both great, with excellent Thai food and music. Everything was great, I appreciate it once more.
4,4/529 Mei 2023
This place has very high recommended. I was staying at a nearby pinnacle hotel, which is a nice hotel. But the bar was really useless and useless. The food was bland and there was nothing interesting to see. I walked around the local town and found madeira. All the other reviewers say everything good about it and I agree 100%. Good food and variety of drinks.
4,4/518 Jul 2022
No one was doing their job well, but the staff was very friendly and the service was very good. Even though it has a restaurant and a guest house, I didn't go there for a drink and for relaxing just this time.
4,6/517 Jun 2022
This is my second time staying at a check-in, and it was better the second time. The rooms are more apartments with a kitchen and washing machine. The beds are very comfortable, and it's dark and quiet enough to provide a beautiful sleep. The staff is friendly and helpful. There is a small swimming pool--not very big for laps. It is also very near to some good restaurants, so well-cooked food is valuable and memorable.
4,8/52 Apr 2023
The room was large and clean and the staff was fine. We booked the room because it had a balcony, but all the balconies in the hotel were locked so nobody could use them. Also no restaurant, not even for breakfast.
4,6/519 Jan 2022
This place is close to many tourist attractions, so we had no issues staying here. The rooms are clean, and the bathroom is spacious with a very professional and friendly staff. Requests are handled promptly. When I checked in, I felt safe, but I wish I could have remained for a longer period of time. Wifi is ok. The room is affordable. It's a fantastic job you've done. Keep up the great work!.
4,4/527 Jul 2023
This is my second time staying at this place. Very happy, especially with the upgrade that was made from 2 to 3 bedroom, probably due to a late check-in. This place is very good for our family of 5. The pool is not deep, but is quite safe, and it is large enough to fit a large number of people. The facilities are in good shape. The washing machine is very useful. The location of the hotel is not far from major retail locations, but it is easy to commute by Grab.
4,8/51 Mar 2022
Being back after a long time was very special, especially shun preaawpan at the reception was very special at all times. The rooms are very clean and very beautifully decorated, the pool area very comfortable and clean. The breakfast is more than enough and very good in every way.
4,8/510 Jul 2022
Saya sudah tinggal di Chatrium Sathorn Residen Bangkok selama hampir 5 bulan, rasanya seperti berada di rumah sendiri, keluarga saya juga betah tinggal di sini. Meskipun terlihat tua, masih terawat dengan bersih dan rapi, house keeping dilakukan setiap hari kecuali hari minggu, berbagai fasilitas seperti kolam renang, pusat kebugaran, ruang gym, driving range, seattle van car yang mengantar kita ke tempat perbelanjaan seperti Central Mall, Tesco Lotus, Emporium Mall dan pergi ke BTS Stasiun Cenangsi. Di depan residen banyak manusia menjual makanan mulai dari jam 6 pagi sampai jam 10 malam, sehingga tidak sulit untuk mencari makan. Ada juga banyak restoran dan minimarket yang buka 24 jam sehari.
4,6/520 Jul 2023
Saya menginap di hotel ini bersama keluarga besar saya, saya memesan condo dengan 2 kamar. Hotel ini terlihat seperti kondominium mewah yang menawarkan semua fasilitas yang tersedia di hotel. Tempat ini memang tidak berada di pusat kota Bangkok, namun sangat dekat dengan pasar Asiatique, pengalaman istimewa dari petugas keamanan di sana, saat kita turun dari taksi, para security dengan menggunakan lampu senter mengecek setiap sudut dalam taksi, kemungkinan mereka khawatir bila ada barang barang kita yang tertinggal di dalam taksi. Hotel yang sangat nyaman, sunyi, juga sarapan yang lezat dan mantap untuk kelas hotel bintang Saya berharap saya akan datang kembali ke tempat ini.
5,0/519 Jun 2023
Fasilitas dan suasana hotel sangat menyenangkan dan nyaman, makanan juga enak dan mencari makan di luas juga tidak sulit. Bahkan toko serba ada seperti 7 eleven hanya berjarak 5 menit dari hotel. Satu hal yang perlu diperbaiki adalah layanan laundry karena dua kali saya mencuci baju dan kembali dengan kondisi masih berbau.
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