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Rata-rata 9.17

17 Mar 2020 - Family Traveler
Hotel nya rapi dan bersih
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27 Feb 2020 - Family Traveler
Kyoto Tower Hotel,Kyoto Karasuma Station
Kyoto Tower Hotel
9.6 Fantastic
Lokasi hotelnya sangat strategis, tepat di depan Kyoto Station (train and bus). Sangat mudah di cari. Pada saat sampai anda harus membayar pajak tambahan.
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20 Feb 2020 - Solo Traveler
A new concept of capsule hotel that I really love. Not unlike traditional capsule hotels that seem claustrophobic, the pods in this hotel are large, and gives you plenty of space. To illustrate, I could actually stand on the bed and not hit the ceiling. Facilities at public area: Super speedy wi-fi (>200Mbps!!!), FREE BEER (only for 20+ year olds), great communal space near the reception, an open kitchen, and free coffee (UCC machine). Facilities at pod/capsule area: twin bed (reclining), alarm (a cool feature: the lights wake you up instead of sound as not to disturb neighbors), a quite large storage to store your luggage under the pod (approx the same size of the bed). The reclining bed and lights feature are controlled by an iPod touch. The pod is lockable from the outside but not inside. Bonus points for this: I love brewing coffee on my own, and they have a dedicated space at the communal kitchen to manually brew your own coffee. Equipment wise, they have an electric grinder, scale, gooseneck kettle, timer, server, almost anything manual-brewing related in the area. The only downside to my stay is that the location is quite a distance from the nearest subway station. Having to drag around my luggage far from the station is rather inconvenient, so if you are heavy-handed, do take a taxi for convenience. Otherwise, taking public transport to get there would be fine.
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