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Sen, 22 Apr 2024 - Sel, 23 Apr 2024 (1 malam)
1 Kamar, 1 Tamu
Menampilkan 8 hotel di Mersing
Japamala Resort by Samadhi – Adults Only, Mersing

Japamala Resort by Samadhi – Adults Only

Pulau Tioman, Mersing
4,7/5Fantastic(50 review)
Mulai dariIDR 2.190.536/kamar/malam
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Louie Homestay Mersing, Mersing

Louie Homestay Mersing

Menunggu Review
Louie Homestay Mersing menyambut Anda dengan pengalaman menginap yang nyaman di Mersing. Vacation Home ini menawarkan fasilitas lengkap untuk memenuhi kebutuhan tamu, seperti dapur, WiFi, dan parkir.Lihat detail
Singhome Holiday House, Mersing

Singhome Holiday House

Menunggu Review
Bertempat di lokasi utama Mersing, Singhome Holiday House menempatkan segala sesuatu yang kota ini tawarkan tepat di depan pintu kamar Anda. Hotel ini memiliki segala yang dibutuhkan untuk menginap dengan nyaman. WiFi gratis di semua kamar, Wi-fi di tempat umum, tempat parkir mobil, persewaan mobil, ruang bersantai/area menonton TV bersama hanyalah beberapa dari berbagai fasilitas yang ditawarkan. Beberapa kamar dirancang dengan baik dengan adanya fasilitas televisi layar datar, akses internet - WiFi, akses internet WiFi (gratis), AC, kipas angin. Untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengalaman menginap para tamu, hotel ini menawarkan fasilitas rekreasi seperti taman. Dengan layanan handal dan staf profesional, Singhome Holiday House memenuhi kebutuhan Anda.Lihat detail
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X Rector Minsu, Mersing

X Rector Minsu

Pulau Tioman, Mersing
Menunggu Review
Terletak di Mersing, X Rector Minsu menawarkan akomodasi dengan akses mudah ke berbagai tempat terbaik di Mersing. Properti dilengkapi dengan restoran, WiFi, dan fasilitas anak.Setiap kamar dilengkapi dengan AC dan TV. Kamar mandi hadir dengan peralatan mandi gratis dan pengering rambut.Properti menawarkan fasilitas BBQ dan area bermain anak. Fasilitas lainnya juga termasuk penitipan bagasi, layanan laundry/dry cleaning, dan pemesanan tur/tiket.Lihat detail
Aqua Shelter, Mersing

Aqua Shelter

Menunggu Review
Kamar di Aqua Shelter dilengkapi dengan AC, TV, dan kulkas. Kamar mandi hadir dengan peralatan mandi gratis dan pengering rambut.Lihat detail


Pulau Tioman, Mersing
Menunggu Review
Setiap kamar dilengkapi dengan AC. Shower tersedia di kamar mandi.Lihat detail
Trumbu Tioman, Mersing

Trumbu Tioman

Pulau Tioman, Mersing
Menunggu Review
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Review Hotel di Mersing

BagusDari 286 review
4,0/519 Agt 2022
I had a fun stay with nine buddies in this one of the best resorts in tioman that you shouldn't miss. In comparison to our previous trip stay at Bernays resort which Tunamaya resort was so much better with its services and food quality after the pandemic. Despite the fact that there is a shortage of staff in the hospitality industry right now, you could still see everyday familiar faces smiling brightly at all the guests in the resort who welcomed our stay and cooled them all. I have to say that they were very generous with their food selection with a wide selection and didn't have to wait more than 30 minutes for our meals. Chef Eddie and his team deserve some good care of us. The resort was on a beautiful island with stunning mountains view behind and clear crystal sea in front of our rooms with baby shark swimming waving to us. As they show in the pictures, the resort facilities are well maintained, the rooms are clean, and the bed was comfortable like a 5 star stay. Is like heaven on earth! We are there for a 2-day diving trip, and John and his 2 diver trainees, taki and Mega, are very helpful and friendly. We were lucky to get to 2 beautiful sites, but I wouldn't say the visibility on the day was not ideal, but we did have a great dive. John has shared some good buoy
4,8/52 Jul 2023
This mountain hotel offers a stunning position with a long row of small villas along the beach. I read some reviews here before going, but I didn't think it couldn't be any more bad. It was. The dinner service was what most people in the restaurant industry would call a cluster. A small menu, which should be manageable. The majority of guests, I mean 60, complained they had to wait an hour for their food Even simple dishes such as a burger remade beef took a while to arrive. The table had yet to be set, despite the at least 12 employees in kitchen service. Tunamaya was completely broken because of lack of organisation.
4,6/511 Jan 2023
The location and resort facilities itself are excellent, apart from these two flaws. I would definitely return. I'm aware that it is now post pandemic, but I suggest the resort hire more staff to accommodate the expanding number of guests. One terrible room service requirement, we had to constantly remind them to clean the room. And the beds linens were only made and changed every other day, not every day. There are only three workers working, and it is hard. The staff seemed overjoyed by the volume and quantity of orders. The menu and waiting time for the food at the resort cafe is ridiculous.
4,4/512 Apr 2022
It was a lovely time for us, and we had a great time there. This resort is in a stunning position, which contributed to a wonderful trip. The beach cabin was comfy and tastefully furnished. Basic but certainly adequate, the breakfast buffet. It was prepared in a restaurant with an incredible view of the ocean. We also dined in this restaurant, where it served some delicious fare. The service by the boat was incredibly good, and the personnel was really welcoming. It was fantastic to be welcomed by one of the personnel and given a welcome drink. Additionally, a member of the staff took you when you left, and the luggage was transported for you. However, expectations are essential. Although there are some minor glitches there and there, it appears that they are sorting through the pandemic, so not everything is up to date. But, you're on a tropical island with stunning ocean views. There can occasionally be a temporary shortage, but if the red juice is not readily available, you choose the green juice. You can even visit the reception area to sit there for internet access if the wifi signal isn't strong enough.
4,4/528 Mar 2022
Beautiful location, the best view, turquoise clear water where you can see fish swimming and biting your fingers just along the water's edge, and a mountain view as the backdrop. Most importantly, because the price isn't that high, it feels so exclusive. Of course, you should anticipate some disadvantages because it is on a private island, such as that the restaurant understands that the cuisine choices aren't extensive, but for those who are there just to chill and don't expect to be treated like lords, the most stunning place is the lovely serene, peaceful, and unique location that makes you feel like one. It's best for those traveling with small kids to bring snacks and make sure you have your medication, first aid kit, and toiletries ready.
4,2/523 Des 2022
The food may be a little more varied. I know the menu at the moment, breakfast fried rice, egg, sausage, noodles, mix porridge, and cream soup. The fried rice will certainly appear. Lunch the hot dessert, ice condo, soup dinner chicken, beef, and mutton, one of them will also be available on BBC 2. The wifi is terrible, terrible, I cant say it. You can barely get a signal, and no internet is provided. I found a tick in my room! You didnt clean my room for four damn days. Four. Damned days. The servers and employees, though, are nice, blessing them. Shout out for luggage. Hes really nice.
4,4/52 Mar 2023
Tioman Pay Resort definitely offers a quiet and peaceful stay in tioman compared to teke, getting, abc and others. Very close to the beach and nearby to any dive site in tioman. Clean room and toilet with enough space to hang out outside the chalet.
5,0/526 Jun 2023
I'm happy I chose this place, it's close to the beach, and a ferry will take you to the pay jetty.
4,4/531 Mei 2022
With my family, I'm staying in room 811 for three nights. The room was nice, but when we entered, there were several bees flying overhead. The food must be improved, especially the buffet breakfast. Excellent and helpful, Amin trainee.
4,4/513 Apr 2022
Hotel yang sangat bagus sekali dengan pelayanan staf yang sangat memuaskan. Sangat cocok untuk berlibur bersama keluarga.
4,6/523 Mar 2023
Hotel yang sangat bagus sekali dengan pelayanan yang ramah dan makanan yang enak.
4,6/512 Mar 2022
Kamar hotelnya nyaman dan bersih, fasilitas lengkap, pemandangan juga bagus sekali. Saya akan kembali lagi menginap di sini, hidup nanfeng hah.
4,6/521 Jul 2023
Staff hotel yang menangani sangat sportif dan terbaik. Selagi akan nama Lisa memang terbaik. Berbaloi dengan pakej yang dibeda dan sangat banyak aktivitas boleh dibuat di sana. Insya Allah akan kembali lagi hehehhe.
4,6/512 Apr 2023
Tempat yang cocok untuk berlibur bersama keluarga, saudara, mara dan sahabat. Pelayanan dan layanan terbaik dari staf paya beach resort yang sangat ramah dan penuh hormat. Sungguh sungguh menyenangkan dan akan datang lagi.
4,8/51 Agt 2022
We reserved the messing merlin hotel off their website while making our way up Malaysia's east coast. Our photos looked excellent, but it is sadly a little run-down from inadequate care and care. They provide two bottles of water each day, but there is no refrigerator or space to cool them down, making a water bottle not pleasant to drink. They serve breakfast only, but they only serve certain foods, and sadly, every dish is cooked in palm oil, making it unappealing. So, a toast-only ham and marmalade meal. There was a swimming pool there, which looked nice, with many young families using it, but there was no room for the parents to sit while watching the children play. There was good water flow, and the wife figured the toilet was extremely clean, pity there was no face towels. The balcony in the room allowed us to observe the sunrise and the incoming tide, which was a nice sight. We were on the third floor, which meant we only had to use the stairs. Free WiFi was provided, but it kept dropping in and out, making it not suitable for family gaming. The air conditioning in the room was not particularly loud, so it did not keep us awake in the evening.
4,2/515 Jun 2023
We only spent one night in this hotel. It's straightforward but it's fine for a short visit. Outstanding was the friendliness of the manager and staff. He picked us up from the bus stop and even drove us to the self-washing laundry and from there back to the hotel. Thank you very much.
4,2/514 Mar 2022
The hotel is tranquil and disconnected from the city and the road. Tropical vegetation surrounds it. Our room was very basic but clean. Could use a makeover. While relaxing by the pool, the maintenance person insisted on power washing the site with a noisy water pump. The food at the restaurant was very good. The ferry and bus terminals are about a ten-minute taxi ride from the hotel.
4,2/53 Nov 2022
An average hotel with a basic convenience. The best part was the staff. They were friendly. Breakfast was basic with a choice of either simple local dish or simple american. Need a car to move around but the location was very close to local restaurants by the beach.
4,6/524 Okt 2022
This place is good if you need a peaceful getaway area. This is a comfortable, inexpensive resort that is reasonably priced. This hotel is close to the south china sea. The hotel building is old but looks up hill and facing the sea. Very quiet atmosphere. The room is spacious, but the bathroom requires more care, particularly cleanliness, and the bathtub needs to be replaced. The breakfast is simple but tasty.
4,6/517 Mar 2023
Kami menginap selama 3 hari 2 malam dan kami pikir ini adalah salah satu resort pantai terbaik yang pernah kami kunjungi. Meskipun tempatnya agak masuk ke dalam, tetapi ketika sampai di sana sangat menarik. Lobi yang luas dan modern mengundang tamu. Kamar luas yang kami tinggali berharga rm 230 m di lantai bawah yang cukup luas dengan balkon yang menghadap ke pantai dan koridor yang menghadap langsung ke kolam renang. Kolam renangnya cukup luas dan bersih dan kami memberi 5 bintang. Lantainya bersih dan indah serta lingkungan yang tenang membuat tempat ini cukup aman. Sarapan. Um. Biasa saja. Kami pikir pihak fr harus menambah menu terutama pada waktu puncak. Layanan dari staf kami puas hati. Keseluruhan Fr Resort ini sangat sesuai untuk semua dan kami akan mempromosikan fr resort ini dan kami pasti akan datang lagi.

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