Chiwoonjung, Seongbuk
Chiwoonjung, Seongbuk
Chiwoonjung, Seongbuk
Chiwoonjung, Seongbuk
Chiwoonjung, Seongbuk
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08 Mei 2017 - Keluarga
I came in the early fall with my brother to Chiwoonjung. The place was as beautiful in the photos and for the most part, I enjoyed staying there -- it is a genuine hanok; well maintained with an excellent bathroom, kind service, full amenities for bath and grooming, comfy futons. Here are just a few tips based on our experience to help you manage your expectations: 1. Bukchon is on a steep hilly area - you have to figure out how to get there, and a cab is recommended, because walking around lost with a suitcase will be very unpleasant, especially with the crowds. See if you can get the hotel to give very detailed directions in Korean to the driver, because the address is not enough. I think the addresses in Seoul had a revamp a few years ago and our old cab driver could not find the place even after I gave my phone to him to speak to the receptionist. Twice. Leaving is also as difficult -- I thought the owner called us a cab but it never came (or maybe he didn't call). We ended up rolling our stuff all the way down, and upon finding it hard to get a cab at noon on the main street, had to roll them further down to our next hotel in Gwanghwamun. This was very stressful. I hope the transportation situation for Bukchon hotels improves -- it's the same story anywhere you book in this area (so far, in my case). 2. This is not a hotel. It's family run, and they live in one of the hanok within the complex. You can see their shoes outside the door. This means that, if you are not an entitled brat, you might find it very embarrassing to call and order stuff from room service because it's basically the owner's wife. Also, this makes it feel like you're a guest in someone's house, which is not bad per se -- just a little surprising if you were expecting hotel service. 3. Breakfast was beautiful but there were ants in my yogurt. They apologized for it, and that's what counts. I saw in another review on Agoda that they were not happy with breakfast because it was prepared off site and therefore came cold. This is also true. But the quality of the dishes is excellent, and they customized on account of my allergies, which is a very big deal for me. On the whole I would recommend this place and would probably book again if I travel with someone who'd like to try living in a hanok. I'd just brief that person about the stuff I just told you, and stay one night.
05 Jul 2017 - Keluarga
This is a very expensive place, the smallest quarter is 800,000 won/night for 2. True the Hanok is nice. It is a historical place more than 600 y old. But the price is not justified at all. The quarter we booked had an OK bathroom (with a wooden bathtub), a bedroom (the exact size of two single beds! and a small antichamber with a small table. Needless to say that for 2 it is very small. We could not have dinner and breakfast inside, as it was too small. Fortunately, being the only customers we ate in the larger room of one of the other quarters. For 800,000 you get traditional dinner and breakfast, allegedly from a chef. If this is your first experience with traditional Korean dinner, I guess it is OK. But if you had it before, the food has nothing out of the ordinary. The fish was overcooked (super dry), and the beef meat contained lots of chewy bits. Breakfast was OK, just OK. The quantity does not compensate for the average quality. In conclusion, I am happy I did it, as I wanted to experience it. But it is clearly not worth for the money you spend. Far from it. If you have been to real ryokans in Japan, you'll be disappointed. Even one of the best ones, like Shiraume in Kyoto, is twice cheaper, for an experience that is really extra-ordinary.
Jesstwiga L
23 Apr 2017 - Keluarga
A stunning gem of a Hanok (traditional korean home) guest house. The inn is managed by an artist and her sensibility shows in the design of the house, and in the small details –the jigsaw of beautiful patterned ceramics in the bathroom and the wide range of beautiful ceramics used to serve breakfast on. Our rooms were utterly beautiful and I just wish we could have stayed longer! What truly makes this place special are the people. Everyone at the Hanok was absolutely wonderful, lovely and so friendly – making us feel right at home. But more than that they all went out of their way to make the experience special. Mr. Kim – the manager and a former art gallery owner was incredible, going above and beyond – making sure we knew where to go as we ventured out, arranging a small trip up to the local temple, showing us the old city walls, and more. The inn’s lovely cook and housekeeper cooked amazing breakfasts fit for emperors – huge Korean feasts that filled the table, were different everyday and were absolutely delicious. The beds – on the floor, but raised ever so slightly so that there is a little bit of suspension and thus more comfort for those not accustomed to sleeping directly on the floor – were incredibly comfortable, and the pillowy comforters made it hard to want to leave my bed in the morning! Really everything at this inn is done with such care. When I mentioned I liked jjjmjilbangs (traditional Korean bath houses/saunas)– they brought me down to their small one and then heated it that night for me to use. When I came down to use it, inside the beautiful little room I found boiled eggs (the traditional bathhouse snack), water and towels! I can't wait to stay here again - it is one of the nicest and friendliest places i've stayed anywhere in my travels. Very much looking forward to returning - hopefully soon!
02 Jan 2018 - Berlibur dengan teman
I've recently found Korean cultures and traditions interesting. So, I feel like experiencing real ones. This place answers all. There are 3 houses in this private villa, and was told once a place of former Prime Minister. The owner keeps all the things unchanged, like to the old days. Recommended. Oh ! Above all, the breakfast is undeniable.
06 Jan 2016 - Keluarga
Spent 8 days in the splendour in old Korea. Kindest staff the world has seen.Refinement in service ,exquisite food, touching cutlery and the pampering care.We have lived in many conditionings world over but this was out of this world in the many added little things they do each day to make you believe in human kindness.It more than a holiday but more a practical lesson of the goodness of human nature.. East at its very best as the staff from big to small take you to another world.Comforts from another age.
41 Bookchon-ro 11ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Seoul, KR

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