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Hotel Bintang 2 di Obwalden

Sab, 20 Apr 2024 - Min, 21 Apr 2024 (1 malam)
1 Kamar, 1 Tamu
Menampilkan 7 hotel di Obwalden
Ibis Viseu, Obwalden

Ibis Viseu

Engelberg, Obwalden
Menunggu Review
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Berghotel Langis, Obwalden

Berghotel Langis

Samen, Obwalden
Menunggu Review
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Backstube, Obwalden


Lungern, Obwalden
Menunggu Review
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Neuschwandi 63 - INH 26888, Obwalden

Neuschwandi 63 - INH 26888

Engelberg, Obwalden
Menunggu Review
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Stollermattli - INH 26884, Obwalden

Stollermattli - INH 26884

Engelberg, Obwalden
Menunggu Review
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Hotel Engelberg das Trail Hotel, Obwalden

Hotel Engelberg das Trail Hotel

Engelberg, Obwalden
4,4/5Good(54 review)
Lokasi Hotel Engelberg das Trail HotelMenginap di Hotel Engelberg das Trail Hotel menampatkan Anda di jantung kota Engelberg, beberapa langkah dari Ski School Active Snow Team Engelberg dan 3 menit dengan berjalan kaki dari Biara Engelberg. Hotel yang golf ini berada 0,4 mi (0,6 km) dari Resor Ski Engelberg-Titlis dan 18,4 mi (29,6 km) dari Burgenstock.Fasilitas dan Layanan di Hotel Engelberg das Trail HotelManfaatkan sarana rekreasi seperti lapangan tenis luar ruangan atau nikmati pemandangan di teras dan taman. Fasilitas tambahan di hotel ini mencakup akses Internet nirkabel gratis, layanan concierge, dan penyimpanan alat ski.Kamar di Hotel Engelberg das Trail HotelMenginaplah di salah satu dari 21 kamar yang dilengkapi dengan televisi layar datar. Internet kabel dan nirkabel bisa diakses gratis. Fasilitas mencakup telepon, serta brankas dan air minum kemasan gratis.Restoran dan CafePuaskan selera makan Anda di Restaurant Engelberg, salah satu 2 restoran hotel. Hilangkah dahaga dengan minuman favorit Anda di bar/lounge.Lihat detail
Youth Hostel Engelberg, Obwalden

Youth Hostel Engelberg

Engelberg, Obwalden
5,0/5Fantastic(1 review)
Lokasi Youth Hostel EngelbergDengan menginap di Youth Hostel Engelberg di kota Engelberg, Anda hanya beberapa langkah dari Titlis Bergbahnen dan Ski School Active Snow Team Engelberg. Hostel ini berada 0,5 mi (0,9 km) dari Resor Ski Engelberg-Titlis dan 9,6 mi (15,5 km) dari Gunung Titlis.Fasilitas dan Layanan di Youth Hostel EngelbergNikmati pemandangan di taman; dan manfaatkan fasilitas seperti akses Internet nirkabel gratis dan ruang huni bersama.Kamar di Youth Hostel EngelbergNikmati kenyamanan rumah Anda sendiri di salah satu dari 22 kamar yang ada. Akses internet nirkabel gratis tersedia untuk berbagai keperluan Anda. Kamar mandi dengan shower disediakan.Restoran dan CafeAnda dapat menikmati makanan di restoran yang melayani tamu dari Youth Hostel Engelberg, atau mampir di toko roti/camilan.Sarapan prasmanan gratis disajikan setiap hari mulai pukul 07.30 hingga 09.30.Lihat detail

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Review Hotel di Obwalden

BagusDari 117 review
3 Foto
5,0/52 Des 2023
Errick Emerseon • Trip Keluarga
Best view of our entire life
4,2/525 Agt 2022
Wonderful hotel in a quiet, peaceful city ideal for escaping city life with beautiful mountain views. I stayed there for 8 nights there is a beautiful small lake close by and also the title mountain. The staff is very professional and friendly.
4,6/55 Feb 2022
We immediately realized that this is home from the moment we entered the establishment. From the personnel in red suits in the reception desk to the entire team, the staff was doing great work. We were made to feel at ease by everyone's cheerful smiles and friendliness. We never felt like leaving the building or the company. Kempinski and it's group will undoubtedly return to Engelberg. A special thanks goes to Vanessa, at the front desk, for making sure we had the best view of the entire mountain and updating our accommodation. Even in our last adversary days, she took the best care of us with family injury. Kempinski, keep up the fantastic work team. You are without a doubt the most talented people.
4,4/52 Mar 2023
During our threenight stay at this hotel, we were really impressed. It has recently undergone renovations and has a brand new feeling about walking through the hotel and in the accommodations. We paid for one of the more spacious, luxurious rooms with mountain views. Such a cozy, contemporary room. Hightech and enjoyable to spend time there. The restaurant is excellent. I had a few dietary difficulties, and the chef prepared meals to suit my preferences. The staff is ebullient and amiable. Breakfast is excellent. Nice bread and porridge. In short, this is a 5- to 6-star hotel within walking distance to the cable car to titles mountains and a bus ride to the mountain on the other side. Other lodgings in the town are unquestionably 3- to 4-star options. Kempinkski palace is unquestionably the best option. I'll return..
4,4/58 Sep 2022
I highly recommend this hotel. We love our weekend in Engelberg thanks to this excellent addition to the hotel spaces! From the lovely historic building and modern room, it was helpful that we were upgraded to a junior suite, to the restaurant with the reduced tasting menu, it was truly quite amazing, to the spa with a great massage and facial, not to mention the incredible views from the pool and amazing staff, it is pricey, but everything is just as good as weve ever seen in a fivestar hotel. The reddish ladies did a terrific job!.
4,6/59 Jan 2023
The ladies in red did a fantastic job. This is a fantastic addition to the hotel spaces in Engelberg, we had a great weekend there! The fact that we were upgraded to a junior suite, from the charming historic building and contemporary room, was unquestionably helpful, as was the restaurant, where the reduced tasting menu was indeed quite unique, to the spa, which provides excellent massages and facials, and the incredible views from the pool and topnotch staff. Yes, it is pricey, but everything in a fivestar hotel is at par with what weve ever seen.
4,2/519 Mei 2023
I wouldn't hesitate to come back to this hotel. Excellent ambiance, the family that runs the hotel was especially helpful to overalpine thruhikers like me. They will even wash sport clothing, look for the basket under the stairs. The room is very quiet and clean, and a refreshing welcome drink. Breakfast is excellent. Cool atmosphere with a reading nook and piano.
4,2/522 Jan 2022
The employees are very pleasant, the breakfast is very good, and the location is great. We had a wonderful day of resting at the Engelberg Hotel on a hike through the alpine mountains. I also recommend the provided lunch box.
4,4/520 Agt 2022
I think the name has changed because my reservation was under the Engelberg Trail Hotel. It's simply simple, and the room is useful. Friendly hosts who also suggested how to improve the route for the trek we were on.
4,8/520 Agt 2022
It is centrally located, three minutes to the bus stop, the perfect staff, the owners are very friendly, the ski depot is located at the entry, the breakfast and dinner are also good, the cleaning can improve the overall impression
4,4/520 Apr 2022
The restaurant's quality was well above expectations. White tablecloths, clever menu, fine wines and a lovely dining room. There is a separate breakfast room to keep it interesting. I happened to be there for a Saturday Easter market which added to the charm of the streets.
4,6/53 Okt 2022
We definitely recommend this hotel. My husband and I got bug control for 4 nights at the Crystal Hotel. We reserved an apartment with a kitchenette which was very helpful. After staying in Lucian for 4 days and eating out, we wanted to cook for ourselves. I bought rice, meat, vegetables and spices from the nearby coop and made our meals. We had breakfast from the hotel and it was fantastic. Sandra and her sister were also very friendly and helpful. The train station is only 2 minutes away. We had fun walking in this beautiful small town even in the rain. The cable car ride to Mount titles is a 15-minute walk from the hotel.
4,8/513 Sep 2022
The location is perfect, close to the train station, near the city center, but not in the center, so it's a bit calmer, the breakfast is a good start to a busy day. Some of the rooms have a nice view and others look at the hotel opposite. Unfortunately the bathroom has less ventilation. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome and you can get recommendations for activities.
4,6/517 Apr 2023
When my wife and I arrived in Engelberg by train just before rp, we had the expectation that all the restaurants in the town would close. We decided to drop by the Tuifelstei restaurant at the hotel crystal, where we were greeted by our charming hostess Sarah. The kitchen was officially closed, but Chef Antonio was so kind and stayed long enough to make a delicious three-course dinner for us. Antonio's work was both of a high caliber and in both quality and presentation. We started with a tasty spicy soup that gave us a great sense of the feast that was about to unfold. The main course was a delicious pork stew with a wonderful blend of flavors, along with vegetables and mashed potatoes with a tastebudtantalizing cheesy crust. The subtle blend of herbs really set this off in an explosion of memorable flavors. Dessert was then served! We assumed we had eaten cheese cake before, but what antonio created for us took cheese cake to a whole new level, light, fruity and assembled to form a visual masterpiece. We shared a few glasses of a gorgeous local wine, which complemented the cuisine and made this dinner to remember for a long time to come. We wont be going anywhere else to this excellent restaurant. We appreciate sandra and antoni
4,6/524 Mei 2023
This place is really good value. The hotel was in a great location, just a short walk from the train station which is also the stop for the free buses running throughout the city. The accommodation is comfortable and offers a great mountain view. The staff are very kind and helpful. They spoke English very well. The breakfast that you get is basic but very good and the on-site restaurant and bar are very reasonable.
4,4/56 Apr 2023
Have been astonished by the high caliber of this new hotel bed breakfast conveniently situated in an area that is more well known for being lakeside and mountainous over this lovely postcard region of central switzerland! The hotel is conveniently located across from the tiny train station, overlooking this adorable village and lake. It's a modest hotel, but better like this because it fits the location! Despite being a little motel and being less accommodating to the front desk, it provides excellent value for the money. The rooms are spacious and welcoming. The best part is unquestionably the breakfast area, it's a delight to spend time there. The staff is helpful and extremely friendly, and the breakfast selection is equally satisfying, see the photos. In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude to Barbara for her kindness and assistance in making the stay even better! It's important to think twice about returning there as a drop-off point for exploring more of the area.
4,6/514 Apr 2023
Emma is brand new with a modern interior, delicious breakfast, and attractively designed rooms. I would have guessed we were in Copenhagen or Stockholm when we woke up without the mountains outside. Since I didn't like selfservice checking, the welcome was kind of cold, that breakfast was excellent, and the rooms would have had floor heating. The personnel was very friendly!.
4,2/58 Apr 2022
What a wonderful, charming location. excellent breakfast, a team who is a lot of love and enthusiasm. I fell in love with this location and will return whenever possible! We stayed there one night, and a dinner could be had in the restaurant Bahnhofli next to it owing to covid 19 regulations. Very enjoyable experience.
4,4/524 Nov 2022
Old building that has been stylishly restored. The train station is within easy reach, and the staff is friendly. The breakfast is superb. Safe parking, bikes with safe facilities, and a frozen fish freezer are also provided. We'll return!.
4,6/52 Jan 2023
The prices here are very expensive as no help on luggage, no kettle or coffee maker, and the staff at the breakfast is so bad. Plus the room and reception were great, we will not recommend this for anyone looking for a service that is worth their hard earned penny.

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