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Coconutspalm resort

407/24 Moo 1, Tambon Maret Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 94310 Thailand
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facility ACAC
facility Tempat ParkirTempat Parkir
facility Resepsionis 24 jamResepsionis 24 jam
facility Kolam RenangKolam Renang
facility RestoranRestoran
facility WiFiWiFi
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Sen, 24 Feb 2020
Sel, 25 Feb 2020
Tamu dan Kamar

Kamar Coconutspalm resort

Tampilan Harga :
    Hemat 50%
    Coconutspalm resort, Ko Samui

    Kamar Romantis

    Info KamarMaks. 1 Tamu49.0m²1 double
    Layanan GratisTanpa SarapanWiFi Gratis
    2 kamar tersisaIDR 1.614.404/kamar/malamIDR 950.077/kamar/malam
    Hemat 50%
    Coconutspalm resort, Ko Samui

    Kamar Romantis

    Info KamarMaks. 1 Tamu49.0m²1 double
    Layanan GratisTanpa SarapanWiFi Gratis
    2 kamar tersisaIDR 1.682.535/kamar/malamIDR 990.171/kamar/malam
    Hemat 50%
    Coconutspalm resort, Ko Samui

    Kamar Romantis

    Info KamarMaks. 1 Tamu49.0m²1 double
    Layanan GratisSarapan Gratis (2 pax)WiFi Gratis
    2 kamar tersisaIDR 1.873.601/kamar/malamIDR 1.102.615/kamar/malam
    Coconutspalm resort, Ko Samui


    Info KamarMaks. 1 Tamu49m²1 Ranjang King-size selebar 150-183
    Layanan GratisTanpa SarapanWiFi Gratis
    2 kamar tersisaIDR 1.306.560/kamar/malamIDR 1.186.692/kamar/malam
    Coconutspalm resort, Ko Samui


    Info KamarMaks. 1 Tamu49m²1 Ranjang King-size selebar 150-183
    Layanan GratisSarapan GratisWiFi Gratis
    2 kamar tersisaIDR 1.516.330/kamar/malamIDR 1.377.217/kamar/malam

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    Fasilitas Coconutspalm resort

    facility Olahraga,Spa dan RekreasiOlahraga,Spa dan Rekreasi
    • Board game
    • Payung pantai
    • TV di area umum
    • Arena game center
    • Snorkeling
    • Dart
    • Meja biliar
    • Biliar
    • Bowling
    • Payung kolam renang
    • Spa layanan lengkap
    • Area piknik
    • Snack bar/deli
    • Antar-jemput ke pelabuhan feri (biaya tambahan)
    • Antar-jemput ke pusat perbelanjaan (biaya tambahan)
    • Ski air
    • Jet ski
    • Wahana papan motor
    • Menyelam
    • Kursi berjemur di kolam renang
    • Kursi berjemur di pantai
    • Taman
    • Bar kolam renang
    • Memancing
    • Handuk pantai
    facility Hewan PeliharaanHewan Peliharaan
    • Hewan peliharaan tidak dibolehkan
    • Hewan peliharaan dibolehkan
    • Hewan peliharaan tidak diperbolehkan
    facility Fasilitas AnakFasilitas Anak
    • Tempat tidur bayi
    facility Kesehatan & MedisKesehatan & Medis
    • Pijat
    facility InfoInfo
    • Tidak tersedia boks bayi
    • Tidak tersedia lift
    facility Hotel PolicyHotel Policy
    • Diners Club
    • Check-in 24-jam
    • JCB International
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    facility Fasilitas PublikFasilitas Publik
    • Kolam Renang
    • AC
    • Lounge
    • Tempat berjemur
    • WiFi publik
    • Restoran
    • Porter/bell-boy
    • Ruang merokok khusus
    • Parkir (Gratis)
    • Surat kabar gratis di lobi
    • Teras
    • Ruang tamu
    • Perpustakaan
    facility Layanan HotelLayanan Hotel
    • Ruang koper
    • Layanan concierge
    • Penitipan bagasi
    • Tour
    • Rak koran
    • Layanan laundry/dry cleaning
    • Check-out tanpa antre
    • Brankas hotel
    • Layanan pernikahan
    • Check-in tanpa antre
    • Layanan penyewaan sepeda
    • Resepsionis 24 jam
    • Staf multibahasa
    • Tidak ada minuman beralkohol yang disajikan
    • Brankas di resepsionis
    • Perjamuan gratis
    facility Fasilitas LainnyaFasilitas Lainnya
    • Safari
    • Check-in Lebih Awal
    • Kartu identifikasi saat tiba
    • Keberangkatan lebih awal
    • Check-out Terlambat
    • Penyewaan mobil
    • 24-hour security
    • Vila
    • Makan siang menu set
    • Bar/lounge
    • Ramah untuk Gay
    • Payung
    • Visa Electron
    • Makan malam a la carte
    • Diners Club
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Garasi
    • Makan siang a la carte
    • Detektor asap
    • JCB
    • Adaptor steker
    • Area merokok
    • Berkano
    • Makanan vegetarian
    • American Express
    • Printer
    • Parkir gratis dekat hotel
    • Pertunjukan memasak
    • Ruang makan
    • Tersedia sepeda
    • Tempat tidur bayi ATAS PERMINTAAN
    • Perahu pisang
    facility Makanan dan MinumanMakanan dan Minuman
    • Lemari es
    • Ruang makan
    • Layanan makan pribadi
    • Sarapan dan makan malam
    • Prasmanan sarapan
    • Sarapan kontinental
    • Sarapan panas
    • Bar tepi kolam renang
    • Kafe atau kedai kopi
    • Sarapan dini
    facility Fasilitas Meeting, Event dan BisnisFasilitas Meeting, Event dan Bisnis
    • Toko souvenir/kios koran
    • Mesin foto kopi
    facility AksesibilitasAksesibilitas
    • Kamar mandi difabel
    • Fasilitas difabel dalam kamar
    facility Fasilitas KamarFasilitas Kamar
    • Layanan laundry
    • Sarapan (biaya tambahan)
    • Layanan kamar 24 jam
    • Pelayanan kamar terbatas
    • Layanan sarapan
    • Shower
    facility TransportasiTransportasi
    • Antar-jemput gratis
    • Penyewaan sepeda
    • Antar /Jemput Bandara (biaya tambahan)
    • Antar-jemput ke kawasan sekitar (biaya tambahan)
    • Penjemputan dari stasiun (biaya tambahan)
    • Parkir untuk difabel
    • Penyewaan mobil
    • Penyewaan motor
    • Pemesanan tur/tiket
    • Layanan taksi
    • Parkir mobil
    • Parkir mandiri gratis
    • Pengantaran ke stasiun (biaya tambahan)
    facility KonektivitasKonektivitas
    • Televisi
    • Wi-Fi gratis

    Peta dan Tempat Menarik Terdekat


    Nestled alongside an elegant family of boulders, the CoconutsPalm Restaurant sits snugly with its modern design of blended shades of white and grey, and over half-a-dozen spacious tables for groups of four. Wooden chairs with soft-cushioned seating provide the comfort necessary for proper (and well-deserved) relaxation. The fresh fruits and flowers decor and lush plants surrounding the restaurant serve as a reminder to guests that they are firmly in the tropics. The long, cream-colored curtains draped from the ceiling provide protection from any excessive sun or wind. Tasteful golden trimmings abound--the golden statues are of particular note, contrasting beautifully against the glow of an electric-blue light at the bar come evening. A wide flat-screen TV is convenient for those who choose to watch while at the bar. Amply comfortable, and with a full-panorama view of the resort’s extensive pool, it’s easy to feel cozy and refreshed here, cocktail in hand. Whether illuminated by Samui’s dazzling sun or by the speckles, well-lit ceiling, there’s a cheerful glow that, if one looks well enough, they may just notice emanating from the warm hospitality of the restaurant’s friendly staff. Thursday evenings, the restaurant hosts live entertainment. Check in to see who’s playing. Fill Your Belly Menus are available in English, Thai, or Chinese, and reveal an abundance of exotic Thai favourites, such as the tom yum and tom kha gai soups, or the equally popular pad thai and pad krapow. Ready to spoil our western guests, the chefs prepare lamb chops, pork ribs, and duck breasts, which are among the most popular dishes, and easily dissolve any nostalgia for home. On extra hot summer days, tuck into a salad, such as the chicken caesar or the goat cheese and walnuts options. Alternately, have some fried calamari, a burger or sandwich, or a bruschetta. Watch for the specials of the day, which usually include a variety of quality meats, paired with delectable sauces. Yearlong, the restaurant offers a buffet-style breakfast. A vacationer will hardly find a better way to relax on a lackadaisical afternoon than by sipping wine or savouring the cocktails selection; from the classic mojito and margarita, to the more colourful and fruity pink velvet and blue Hawaii. Fine grooming and pleasant aesthetics provide peace and comfort at the CoconutsPalm Restaurant—a little cove in this coconut grove. RECTANGULAR POOL Conveniently coupled with the CoconutsPalm restaurant is a long, resplendent, mint green-coloured pool. Guests are readily drawn to its cool waters, where they will find the necessary space to enjoy a variety of activities. Visitors may choose to soothe and stretch their sun-kissed bodies by swimming lengthy and languid laps in the water, as the pool spans approximately 12 metres. Other possible entertainment includes sipping on a fizzy cocktail by one of the pool’s ledges, thanks to the friendly staff who will refresh your glass without you even having to emerge from the water. Near these ledges, guests will find rows of smooth, cylindrical pool seats, which happen to be ideal spots to sit and soak up the sun while chatting with a friend or two. Upon gliding out of the water and cosying up with a towel, guests who have chosen poolside accommodation will have easy access to it, with paved steps leading to the room’s wooden deck. Lounging Areas The area surrounding the pool feels jungly and tropical in all the best ways, lush as it is with palms, flowers and tropical plants, as well as large, decorous ivory-coloured umbrellas (and a tarpaulin on one side) which provide the necessary shade to sprawl out under the afternoon sun. Sunbathing is an easy feat here, with vast sun beds allowing for comfortably cushioned contact with the sun. This area is dotted with little tables where vacationers can comfortably indulge on snacks or meals at their convenience. Guests will delight in charming decor, such as delicate flower vases and golden statues—some stand contemplatively, respectfully greeting visitors as they walk past, while others possess the manner of serenely obliging cherubims, balancing elegant lanterns in a peacefully attentive demeanour. At dusk, these lamps radiate a luminous glow that brings with it a touch of mystique. A unique touch to this pool is the living room-like area at one end, which invites guests to mix and mingle while sharing food, drinks and laughs. Whether it be for a revitalising morning splash, relaxation with a friend or a book, or for a reflective night-time dip, this pool is ideal for a holidaymaker ready for some well-deserved enjoyment. OCTAGONAL POOL Symmetry is a key component in aesthetic design, and this becomes apparent upon encountering the exclusive octagonal pool at CoconutsPalm resort. The lush tropical surroundings of tall coconut palms, along with the water’s sky-blue hue, and the deck’s beige-and-grey furnishings make this a splendid oasis alluring to the vacationer’s eye.

    Coconutspalm resort bisa menjadi pilihan akomodasi penginapan yang sangat tepat untuk Anda yang membutuhkan penginapan nyaman di Ma Ret. Fasilitas yang tersedia di Coconutspalm resort akan membuat Anda semakin betah menginap. Nikmati pelayanan terbaik dari Coconutspalm resort ketika Anda melakukan kunjungan kerja atau berwisata ke Ma Ret dan dapatkan pengalaman menginap yang tak terlupakan bersama keluarga dan orang tercinta Anda.

    Pesan kamar di Coconutspalm resort hanya di tiket.com. Sebagai pionir online travel agents di Indonesia, tiket.com akan membantu Anda menemukan hotel terbaik di Ma Ret seperti Coconutspalm resort. Pilih tanggal menginap yang Anda inginkan dan dapatkan harga terbaik untuk pemesanan kamar Coconutspalm resort di Ma Ret hanya di tiket.com.