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What Happens to Your To Dos Voucher?

Have you bought a To Dos voucher? Or were you planning to, but felt discouraged by today's ever-changing policies? No need to worry, t-mates! Here, will try to answer some of the questions you might have regarding your To Dos voucher.

How to Check Your Voucher Validity Period

If you've bought a To Dos voucher, but the venue is closed, you can check your To Dos voucher validity period through these few simple steps.

Contact Information for's Partner

To get the information regarding the opening date and hours of the venue, you can contact's partner. Here's how you find the contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The voucher I purchased is non-refundable, but the venue is still closed. What should I do?
    Don't worry, t-mates! We at are working hard with our partners to extend most of the To Dos vouchers for up to 3 months*. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to check the validity period of your voucher. It can be found in My Order or your email. For information about the opening time of the venue, please contact our partner.

  2. What would happen to the voucher I've purchased if another PPKM initiative is enforced?
    The voucher's validity period will likely be extended, and a new voucher will be sent to you. Once's partner is back in operation, you can present the new voucher for redemption. 

  3. Is my order refundable?
    Most of the products on are not refundable. However, your voucher will most probably already be extended up to 3 months*. Please check your voucher's validity period or contact our customer service for more info.

  4. Can I reschedule my order?
    While most of the orders on can not be rescheduled, we are working hard with our partners to extend most of To Dos vouchers up to 3 months*. You can check your voucher's validity period on My Order or email. Should you have any other inquiries, please contact our customer service.

*Terms and conditions applied.