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2 - Hour Trampoline Flying Adventure



This activity gives you direct access to the Trampoline Park Try 70 interconnected trampolines of all shapes and sizes Try jumping on to a foam pit that contains over 3,000 foam cubes


Experience the ultimate flying adventure and have a fun workout at the same time as you jump, hop, bounce, flip, and tumble for 2 hours at Trampoline Park Zero Gravity Zone. Trampolining will not only satisfy your thirst for new experience it also helps tighten one's core muscles and improves control of body position. You can work on your insanely thrilling routine or even become a freestyle pro. Play around their huge foam pits, play aerial dodgeball games, do freestyle flips, volleyball on trampolines and you can even achieve the ultimate slam dunk as you play basketball. Kids and adults will truly be able to share and experience an ultimate zero gravity experience at Trampoline Park. You can also learn from their Parkour instructors the art of umping and flying in the air.

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2 - Hour Trampoline Flying Adventure Weekday and Non-Peak Hours


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IDR 77.525

2 - Hour Trampoline Flying Adventure Weekends and Peak- hours


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IDR 84.564

2 - Hour Trampoline Flying Adventure Weekdays (Peak- hours)


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IDR 84.564




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Syarat & Ketentuan

Warnings : Safety and insurance: - All children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. - Gravity Jump sessions are for 6 years old and above.

Info Lain

What to wear: - Comfortable clothing - Athletic shorts / leggings - T-shirts - Gravity Grip Socks

Tour : - All jumpers must wear Gravity Grip Socks at all times. This can be purchased at the park's counter. - All jumpers must adhere to Trampoline Park's Safety rules. - A waiver must be filled-up before entering the park. - Safety video must be watched before entering the park. - Do not try extreme tricks unless you already had training from the park's staff. - You must try to arrive no later than 30 minutes before your selected jump session. - No food or drink allowed inside the park purchased from outside, similar to cinemas around the country.