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Laser Tag Extreme Game Pass



A spacious and multi-level arena that allows players to play “hide and seek” A facility fully-equipped with audio and visual special effects Equipped with the latest generation of LEDs in a durable, light-weight vest and phasor


LazerXtreme's state-of-the-art laser tag system has several game formats specifically designed to provide a variety of spectacular challenges for its different groups of players. These interactive game formats range from the solo- and/or team-play formats for the leisure player to the more advanced game formats (playing by elimination, for instance) for the serious gamer. A certain level of skill, collaboration, and coordination is required in team games.

Jam Buka

11:00 - 21:00

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Katalog Paket

One-game Laser Tag Pass


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IDR 57.244

Three-game Laser Tag Pass


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IDR 180.761

Two-game Laser Tag Pass


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IDR 123.623




Info Penting

Syarat & Ketentuan

Warnings : Safety and insurance: - Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Info Lain

: - Running, climbing, lying nor crawling on the floor is not allowed. - Covering of opponents’ pack sensors is not allowed. - Physical contact and rude language will not be allowed. - Game captains or marshals roam the arena during each game. - Guests must always follow the rules. - In cases of any violation, the player may be given 20 seconds or more time-out period. - Guests may also receive a penalty of 1000 points which will be deducted from their final game score. - For extreme cases and repeated violations, the player or players will be eliminated, removed, and disbarred from any future game unless the correct behaviour is promised in a written note and is subsequently shown.

What to wear: - Comfortable set of clothes - Good pair of shoes