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Capital of Spies: German Spy Museum Fast Track Ticket

Atraksi di Berlin


  • Enjoy a skip-the-line entry and immerse yourself in the cloak-and-dagger world of Berlin's high-tech museum
  • Trace the history of espionage from its roots in ancient times to the infamous Cold War and beyond
  • Feel like an actual spy by trying your luck cracking a secret code or avoiding detection in a laser maze
  • Drop by interactive stations and learn how quickly your "hack-proof" password can be cracked and hacked
  • Find out how the NSA, CIA, and BND are able to gather large quantities of data concerning citizens
  • Leave with new knowledge concerning data protection and personal data management


Go on a fun-filled, educational adventure inside the German Spy Museum, located in the grand city of Berlin, which is regarded as the capital of spies since the infamous Cold War. Trace the history and evolution of espionage all the way back in ancient times, through the turmoil of World War II, to the Cold War and beyond. Marvel at all the spy equipment on display. See how James Bond began and became an important pop culture icon throughout the years. Engage in fun activities and feel like a super spy by attempting to decipher a secret code, and trying your luck in a laser maze and avoid being detected. Drop by interactive multimedia stations and see how websites are hacked. Test the strength of your "hack-proof" password and see how long it takes to crack it. Discover how government groups such as the NSA, CIA, and the BND efficiently gather the data of their respective citizens. Learn how credit cards, health cards, smartphones, and social media sites and apps, especially Facebook, handles our personal data and how they can be sources of data leakages. This museum will raise a good number of questions that are relevant to everyone who enters it, and it will challenge you to rethink the ways in which you handle your personal data.

Jam Buka

German Spy Museum

  • 10:00am-8:00pm, daily
  • Closed on 24 Dec

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