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Coron Tour CCoron Tour C

Coron Tour C

Permainan & Hobi di Coron


  • Enjoy this private tour exploring in the comfort and safety of your own boat
  • Cruise to Malcapuya Island and enjoy the panaramic views of coastal cliffs along the way
  • Bask in the beauty of the pristine beaches of Palawan and its fine, white sand
  • Swim through the coral reefs and thriving marine biodiversity of Palawan and even see numerous giant clams!
  • Take a walk in Ditaytayan Island's sand bar and be mesmerized with the surrounding tropical views
  • A convenient pickup from downtown Coron will take you safely to the start of your adventure!


Seas the day and enjoy the beach life in this day tour of Coron's beaches, where you'll get to explore three of Coron's most beautiful beaches in just one day! Start your day off with a boat ride to Malcapuya Island, where you'll enjoy the panoramic views of coastal cliffs as you make your way. Once you arrive, you'll have a couple of hours to explore the secluded beach, including its powdery sands and crystal clear waters, before enjoying a quiet picnic lunch that will refresh and reenergize you for the rest of the day! You'll then travel to Banana Island, a garden-sculpted island named after its shape if seen from above. Here you can relax under the beach's shady trees and enjoy swimming in the cool waters as fish swarm all around you! End the tour with a stop at Bulog Dos Island, where you'll get to walk on its sand bar and admire the stunning surrounding tropical views, including the most expensive and exclusive resort in Coron.



Bulalacao, Coron, Palawan, Filipina

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Group of 6-8
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Group of 3-5
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Info masa berlaku tiket dan reservasi
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