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ICOCA IC Card (Osaka Pick Up)

Transportasi di Izumisano


  • Use this comparison guide in choosing among the different transportation passes in Japan
  • Get this convenient, all-in-one travel card for JR West trains and the Kansai area’s subway, private, railway, and buses!
  • It’s preloaded with JPY1,500 and easily reloaded at any ICOCA IC Card redemption stations
  • Present your card and get discounts on Kansai Airport Express “Haruka” (for Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, and more)
  • ICOCA card is also valid for shopping inside train stations, vending machines, and select stores/restaurants


Visit any modern city these days and chances are there will be a local travel card making transportation, shopping and more even easier. It's the Octopus Card in Hong Kong, Easy Card in Taiwan, Suica Card in Tokyo, and for the Kansai region it's the ICOCA Card. A play on the phrase 'Iko ka' (行こか) meaning 'Shall we go?' in the local dialect, the card covers the major cities of the Kansai region including Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. With one swipe of the contactless card, you can seamlessly hop aboard metros, buses, trains or even pay for your shopping. The ICOCA IC Card is handily preloaded with JPY1,500 plus JPY500 deposit, so it's ready to use right after pickup.

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EDION NAMBA Tourist Information Center - Opening hours:



- Address: 1F Edion Namba-Bldg, 3-2-18 Namba Chou-Ku, Osaka 542-0076, Japan - Please refer to the map for assistance

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  • EDION NAMBA Tourist Information Center: Tel: 81-06-6684-9330

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