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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 1 Day Ticket Orlando

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  • Enter NASA's most important base and visit where history has taken place for one day of admission
  • See this holy land for many aerospace and military technology afficionados and learn its history
  • Experience all the aerospace facilities here and be an astronaut for a day
  • Witness exciting IMAX movies and explore the various space exhibitions all around!
  • Hop on a bus to Rocket Launching Center and even get a chance to see a rocket launch simulation!


Enter the world of aerospace in the hallowed halls of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Fulfill your dreams of being an astronaut for a day as you explore and encounter aerospace technology and numerous exhibits about space. The Kennedy Space Center is NASA’s most important base in the United States, and many historical events in the world of space travel has taken place here. You’ll have the chance all about the history of the center and of NASA’s huge leaps in advancement through the years. You’ll also be able to see exciting movies in the IMAX center, and even get the chance to see a rocket launching simulation from the Rocket Launching Center. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get as close to the final frontier as you can.

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  • Currently, no public transportation is available for the visitor complex
  • Drivers, please note that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located on federal property. Observe posted speed limits as traffic violations will result in heavy fines
  • Set your GPS devices to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex directly. Do not use the Kennedy Space Center as you will be directed to an incorrect location




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  • Address: Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, Titusville, FL 32899
  • Please refer to the map for assistance

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