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Monarto Zoo Meet the Chimps (with Entry) in Monarto



  • Come face to face with humans' closest living ancestors, the chimps, on this wonderful hour long interaction
  • Head into the chimp night quarters where you’ll meet the chimp troop and even see the infant
  • Discover their intelligence as you help the keepers prepare enrichment items for them
  • Give them treats and learn from the keepers about how the zoo is helping in the chimps' conservation


Chimpanzees are some of the most intelligent animals in the world, and are the closest relatives to humans. It's no wonder, then, that this experience will immediately show you just how great their intelligence (and playfulness!) is. You'll head behind the scenes with the keepers and watch the chimps in action as they interact and play with each other. Help the keepers in providing enrichment items that allow them to expand their intelligence and learn new things. Then you'll even help in giving them a treat as a reward. It's a wonderful opportunity to really get to know these brilliant creatures in new and interesting ways.

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Monarto Zoo Meet the Chimps (with Entry)


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  • By car: take the Monarto exit off the South Eastern Freeway to the Princes Highway and follow the signs. Approximate travelling time sixty minutes – distance approximately 65km from Adelaide CBD to Monarto Zoo
  • By bus: LinkSA now has a direct service from Adelaide CBD to Monarto Zoo Monday to Friday in the morning with a return trip to Adelaide mid-afternoon to allow you a full day at the Zoo. You can also access the Zoo from Murray Bridge via LinkSA services. For further information on timetables and fares please visit LinkSA Website




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Meet Up Information:

  • Time: 11:50am
  • Please arrive at the Monarto Zoo entrance at least 30 minutes prior to start time and check-in at the Visitor Centre on arrival

Opening Hours:

  • 9:30am-5:00pm, daily (including Christmas and all public holidays)
  • Last entry: 3:00pm
    # Address:
  • Monarto Zoo, Old Princes Highway, Monarto South, SA 5254

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