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[SALE: Up to 61% OFF] Suankwangtung Clinic in Bangkok[SALE: Up to 61% OFF] Suankwangtung Clinic in Bangkok

[SALE: Up to 61% OFF] Suankwangtung Clinic in Bangkok

Kecantikan & Kebugaran di Samphantawong


  • Suankwangtung Clinic offers the world famous Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand since 1984
  • Providing acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, herbs and other valuable natural supplements
  • Experience the free consultation and pulse diagnosis examination before treatment
  • Enjoy a 61% OFF for the first time treatment, continue to enjoy up to 40% OFF multiple time treatment coupon exclusively with !



Samphantawong, Bangkok, Thailand

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Treatment Description:

Running Cup, Cupping Therapy

  • Cupping is a traditional form of Chinese medicine where cups are being placed on the skin and pressure is increased by using heat or a suction methodfor further treatment

Migraine Acupuncture

  • Stimulate nerves to release hormones, such as endorphins, that trigger a response from your body
  • Offer powerful relief without the side effects that prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause

Insomnia Acupuncture

  • Improvement in sleep quality, and a reduction in insomnia, fatigue and depression after receiving acupuncture
  • The nervous system is calmed, which clears obstructions in the muscle and nerve channels
  • Creating a flow of oxygen-enriched blood to relax the nervous system and prepare for sleep
  • Increases nighttime natural melatonin production and total sleep time.
  • Help treat disturbances in the whole body that prevent restful sleep, such as chronic pain, breathing issues, and digestive distress

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