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Salon InfinitySalon Infinity

Salon Infinity

Kecantikan & Kebugaran di Singapura


  • Salon Infinity is a hair salon that blends hair styling with wellness
  • We are an Aveda salon, the Aveda brand is synonymous with botanical luxury, with the strong belief that nature is the best beauty artist of all
  • Aveda strives to use naturally derived ingredients when possible, to ensure the wellness of its users
  • Up to 93% naturally derived with a signature blend of protective plants oils including sunflower, castor and jojoba oils infusing the hair with amazing shine
  • Hair Length Guide: Short (above shoulders), Medium (below shoulders), Long (below bra straps), Extra long (below waist)



Marina Bay, Singapura, Singapura, Singapura

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Haircut + Aveda Botanical Colour
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