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Flight Regulations to South Korea 2023

South Korea borders are fully opened for passengers who have been fully vaccinated or received a booster shot.

Entry Regulations to South Korea 2023




Required for Indonesian Passport holders

Test Result

Not required


Fully vaccinated at most 14 days before departure 


Not required


Other Documents
  • Passengers must present a completed "Q-Code" from upon arrival.
  • Passengers who does not have a valid Korean visa, need to have a K-ETA to travel.

Additional Information

COVID-19 Requirements

Currently, there is no requirement to take a COVID-19 test either before or after entry to Korea. However, the Korean authorities recommend that all arrivals use the ‘Q-Code system’ to register their travel plans and health status to help make the arrival process smoother. Further information is available here.


Transit Policy

  • As of May 15, 2023, Korea has implemented a Visa Free Entry policy for general passengers who are transiting through the country and have registered to participate in the Transit Tour Program. Note: This visa exemption is valid for a period of 3 days.

  • On April 30, 2023, Korea has also implemented a Visa Free Entry policy specifically for Indonesian passport holders who are transiting through Korea while traveling to or from 32 European countries or the four countries, namely the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it is important to remember that passengers must already have a Visit Visa for one of their final destination countries. Note: This visa exemption is valid for 30 days.

  • Passengers are permitted to transit at Incheon International Airport within 24 hours without any documents.
  • However, the Airlines might required other necessary documents, please make sure to contact the airlines before the flight.


Travel Insurance

Passengers are recommended to have travel insurance to enter South Korea. Thus, we recommend you to have travel insurance which can be seen here.


Steps to buying travel insurance:

  1. Click this link

  2. Fill in personal data and travel data

    • Data entry includes Type of Trip, Destination, Type of Protection, Age (Years), Type of Policy, Date of Departure, Length of Travel (Days)

  3. Click “Cari Sekarang”

  4. Fill in Name, Email, and Mobile Number

  5. Click “Cari Harga Premi”

  6. Choose insurance as needed

e-Group Visa


From June 27, 2023, the Ministry of Justice in Korea will be accepting application for e-Group Visa for regular tourists.

e-Group Visa may be applied through accredited travel agencies for group of at least 3 members from company incentive tour group, educational tour group of below collegiate level, and regular tour group, who plan to enter and exit with same vessel, flight, or other same scheduled means of transportation.

e-Group Visa is applied online by the designated travel agencies through Korea Visa Portal.

Important Things to Know

The information on this info page is made only for reference and cannot be used as a full reference for traveling or purchasing products. t-mates are advised to do information search from sources made by the relevant authorities as well as carrying out the recommended health protocols and check COVID-19 status in the destination.