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Bliblipay Terms & Conditions of Use

The Terms and Conditions for Using BlibliPay are part of the Terms and Conditions for the Blibli Group Site/Application. BlibliPay usage is subject to the Site/Application Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions written below. We advise users to read carefully because it can affect the rights and obligations of users legally.

By registering and/or using the BlibliPay electronic wallet service, the User is encouraged to read, understand, and agree to all contents in these Terms and Conditions and the BlibliPay Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are a form of agreement outlined in a valid agreement between the User and PT Global Digital Niaga Tbk ("Blibli"). If the User does not agree to one, some part, or all of the contents of the Terms and Conditions, then the User is not allowed to use BlibliPay service.



  1. Blibli Group is PT Global Digital Niaga Tbk and/or all of its subsidiaries.
  2. The Site/Application are:
    1. which is managed by PT Global Digital Niaga Tbk.; or
    2. managed by PT Global Tiket Network, which can be accessed via a desktop site and/or an Android or iOS-based application.
  3. BlibliPay is an information system, and loyalty service developed and managed by the Blibli Group, which includes User's BlibliPay Cashback and BlibliPay Refund balances.
  4. Users are parties who use BlibliPay services, including but not limited to Buyers who have registered on the Site/Application and other parties who visit the Site/Application.
  5. Buyers are registered Users who make purchases of Goods and/or Services sold on the Site/Application.
  6. Goods are physical or digital goods or, in a form that will be known later, sold on the Site/Application.
  7. Services are services that are sold and provided on the Site/Application.
  8. BlibliPay Cashback is a loyalty balance that Users can obtain by participating in a promotion and can be used by Users in making transactions on the Site/Application.
  9. BlibliPay Refund is a balance that the User can obtain from the refund process for a transaction, except for transactions using credit cards and PayLater. Users can use the balance to make transactions again on the Site/Application.
  10. Site Terms are Site/Application Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, these Terms and Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that may apply to or in connection with the use of the Site/Application and all the features contained therein.
  11. Terms and Conditions are the Terms and Conditions for using BlibliPay.



  1. BlibliPay is integrated on each Site/Application. Users can use BlibliPay on each Site/Application that has activated BlibliPay with the same mobile number and has been verified.
  2. By using BlibliPay, the User is deemed to have understood and will comply with these Terms and Conditions and the Site Terms.
  3. Blibli Group has the authority to (i) cancel transactions, as well as (ii) close the BlibliPay User account without prior notification, temporarily or permanently, if it is suspected and/or there are User activities that violate legal provisions and/or Site Terms.
  4. The Blibli Group can hold and/or withdraw BlibliPay funds in User accounts.
  5. The User understands and agrees that any losses coming from the actions mentioned above, including but not limited to loss of BlibliPay Cashback balances and BlibliPay Refund balances, or claims, subpoenas, lawsuits, demands and/or other efforts filed by third parties, do not constitute responsibility of the Blibli Group.
  6. Blibli Group can change all or part of these Terms and Conditions. 
  7. These Terms and Conditions are made in Indonesian and English versions. If there is a discrepancy regarding the content and understanding of each version, the Indonesian version shall prevail.
  8. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.


BlibliPay Usage

  1. 1 (one) mobile number that has been verified on a BlibliPay account can only be used by one User account.
  2. The User will be fully responsible for using the User's BlibliPay account for every transaction on the Site/Application.
  3. Users who use a BlibliPay account are fully responsible for maintaining the account's confidentiality and password for all activities in the BlibliPay account.
  4. If the User changes the phone number on the Site/Application but does not make changes to the phone number that is verified on BlibliPay, then the User can only use BlibliPay account once the phone number is changed/matched.
  5. Users understand that further provisions regarding the use of BlibliPay services are regulated separately through the terms and conditions of the BlibliPay system/application. Users are expected to read the provisions contained in the terms and conditions of the BlibliPay system/application.


BlibliPay Cashback & BlibliPay Refund

  1. Users can use BlibliPay Cashback & BlibliPay Refund for transactions on the Site/Application.
  2. Users cannot withdraw funds from the BlibliPay Cashback balance because it is a reward.
  3. Users can withdraw funds from the BlibliPay Refund balance to the bank account that has been registered in the User's BlibliPay account.
  4. Users cannot move or transfer BlibliPay Cashback & BlibliPay Refund balances to other User BlibliPay balances.
  5. Suppose any problem and/or transaction cancellations occur where the User uses the BlibliPay Balance as a payment method, the balance will be transferred to the BlibliPay Refund balance following the BlibliPay provisions.


Use of User Data

  1. By continuing to use BlibliPay, the User authorizes the Blibli Group to store their information and/or data related to using BlibliPay on the Site/Application.
  2. Blibli Group will not provide, disseminate, or make publicly accessible User data without prior approval, except in the circumstances legally required following applicable laws and regulations.
  3. The User authorizes the Blibli Group to store their information and/or data regarding using BlibliPay. Users are expected to read the privacy policy of each Blibli Group Site/Application contained in the terms and conditions of BlibliPay.